Shattered Lion: Volume 2

Shattered Lion: Volume 2
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Jan VanRijn hoped that assassinating the vice president of the United States would bring The Society, his sinister organization, to heel. Instead, The Society’s plans to foment World War III have continued unimpeded, and Jan is no closer to rescuing his kidnapped sister, Anja.

Jan joins forces with a contingent of experienced operatives and their calculating leader. When Jan and his allies are forced to set out on their own, they must stalk an old enemy through the wilds of Siberia.

In a thrilling adventure, Jan’s fight takes him through the darkest corners of his own mind as he struggles against seemingly insurmountable odds to find his sister and restore order to the world, even as it crumbles around him.

$13.50 USD | 978-1-63877-042-8 | April 25, 2021

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