Shattered Lion (digital combined copy)

Shattered Lion (digital combined copy)
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This is the digital, combined copy of Shattered Lion Volume 1 and Shattered Lion Volume 2.

Dutch international soccer player Jan VanRijn thinks he has moved past the tragedy and pain that shaped his childhood.

Following a pre-World Cup friendly in the U.S., Jan plans to spend a week visiting his older sister Anja. His life takes a dramatic turn with Anja’s sudden and violent kidnapping by a sinister organization known only as The Society.

New friends, shifting alliances, and a struggle to survive define Jan’s fight to save his sister and destroy The Society before it is too late. If he fails, there will be nothing to stop them from imposing their terrifying beliefs on an unsuspecting world.

497 pages | $6.00 USD | 978-1-312-08851-1

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