Ben Kushner

Ben Kushner’s writing journey began at the age of 5 with his very first foray into Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The day he opened that book for the first time, he understood the power of a good story. Since then, writing and reading have formed who he is as a person. From fantasy to history to mysteries and thrillers, nothing can match the feeling of sinking down into a large armchair, ready to dive into a brand new book. His writing took off when he began his first novel, Shattered Lion in the midst of the seventh grade. During the Summer of 2020, after more than 5 years of writing, editing and rewriting, he decided that he was ready to publish—that he was ready to share his writing with the world. That Summer he published Volume One of Shattered Lion, and then proceeded to refine and polish Volume Two which came out in April of 2021. 

Ben is currently working on a series of fantasy novellas which he hopes to traditionally publish. In addition to writing, he is the host of the Ben's Book Shack podcast, where he sits down with other readers and writers to talk about the art of storytelling. He is an avid hiker, and a passionate supporter of the soccer team Bayern Munich. Though he grew up in Rockville Maryland, he attends the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.